Delaware County Community A Little Bit Safer as ‘Operation Shield’ Yields 100+ Arrests


Delaware County, Ohio - June 9, 2014– As part of a two-day targeted operation the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office and the Ohio State Highway Patrol, along with 11 other agencies, made a significant impact cleaning up the criminal element and increasing road safety. The following illustrate this community success.

˜  Arrested 33 persons who had outstanding warrants

˜  Arrested another 27 on drug charges and 4 more on weapons violations

˜  Arrested 9 for criminal sexual behavior

˜  Arrested another 48 for various misdemeanor and felony crimes

˜  Seized 146 units of heroin

˜  Seized 4 grams of cocaine

˜  Seized 43 grams of marijuana

˜  Visited 48 establishments and cited/charged 3 with alcohol-related sales to minors

˜  Arrested 8 minors for alcohol purchase, possession or consumption

˜  Cited 538 motorists with traffic violations

˜  Issued warnings to 588 motorists (nearly half of all stopped vehicles) for driving behavior


“Enforcing the law and making our community safe are what we do every day, but when we collaborate with other agencies and focus on targeted areas in our community, we have a much higher success rate,” explains Delaware County Sheriff Russell Martin. “We want the community to know that public safety is always our number one priority, and we will continue partnering with others to be as effective as possible.” 

Joining the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office and the State Highway Patrol in this Operation Shield effort were: the City of Delaware Police, Powell Police, the Delaware County Drug Task Force, Delaware County Adult Court Services, Delaware County Juvenile Probation, City of Delaware and Delaware County Prosecutor’s Offices, Ohio High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, Ohio State Parks, the Ohio Investigative Unit, and the U.S. Marshals.