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Weekend Drug Round-Up Puts 29 Behind Bars

Delaware County, Ohio – October 7, 2013 – A weekend drug round-up in Delaware County resulted in 29 arrests. This was a combined effort by members of the Delaware County Drug Task Force.

The round-up comes after a Delaware County Grand Jury returned 36 drug indictments.

“Keeping our community safe and drug-free is a collaborative and ongoing effort,” said Delaware County Prosecuting Attorney Carol O'Brien. “The persistence and dedication demonstrated by our local law enforcement has made this round-up a success, ultimately keeping narcotics off our streets, out of our neighborhoods, and away from our  children.”

As part of the round-up, 43-year old John C. Kibler of Sunbury was indicted for furnishing a controlled substance to a juvenile. Others arrested included both drug dealers and users.

“As successful as these efforts were, we are still looking for some known drug dealers and users and need to bring them to justice,” said Delaware County Sheriff Russell Martin. “It takes months of investigative work and numerous partnerships to have such a positive impact in our community. But we know our work is far from over.”

Still at large are the following four (4) criminals, who have warrants out for their arrest. The public is asked to call the Delaware County Drug Task Force’s anonymous hotline at 740-833-2790with any information.

·         Adam Polt, age 28

·         Veronika Stephens, age 22

·         Joseph Johnson, age 26

·         Greg Jacobs, age 25


Members of the Delaware County Drug Task Force include: Delaware County Sheriff’s Office,

City of Delaware Police, Powell Police, Sunbury Police, Westerville Police, Delaware County Juvenile Court Adult Court Services, and Delaware County Prosecutor’s Office.