VISION: Protecting People, Their Property, and Their Rights

MISSION: Legitimacy through Protecting and Serving with Empathy, Competency, and Diligence. To be known as one of Ohio's finest by Upholding the Constitution and Applying the Rule of Law.

CORE VALUES: Integrity. Courage. Discipline. Loyalty. Diligence. Humility. Optimism. Conviction.


  The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) is as old as the county – having formed in 1808 with Solomon D. Smith elected as the County’s first Sheriff. It only took a total of 32 votes when he won the election! Some 41 Sheriffs later and with a population reaching 200,000, Delaware County’s rapid growth remains one of the biggest challenges – and opportunities.

Description: sheriff against carThough rich in history and tradition, the Sheriff’s Office today also prides itself on its ability to protect and serve the community in the most advanced and progressive manner possible. Technology has enabled law enforcement agencies nationwide to respond faster and communicate better. 

“There is absolutely no reason why this Office can’t become one of THE best Sheriff’s offices in the state of Ohio,” boasts Sheriff Russell L. Martin, who took office in June 2012. “When you hire good people, provide them with quality training, and allow them    to grow, you eventually have a top-notch law enforcement agency where the focus is on the citizens we serve.”

The DCSO is responsible for:

  • patrolling all unincorporated areas;  
  • enforcement of all laws; 
  • investigation of misdemeanor and felonious crimes;
  • servicing the courts; and
  • providing and maintaining a jail.


DCSO has mutual aid relationships with other law enforcement agencies to help provide coverage and safety at all times for all residents. Delaware County consists of 459 square miles, including 1,763 miles of roadways.


Did you know?  The word “sheriff” actually comes from the Old English words shire reeve, meaning an official who kept the king’s peace in the countryside. 


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To see a copy of the Sheriff's Office Records Retention Schedule, please visit the Delaware County RECORDS Web site.